Natural baby skin care practises

Does and Don't of Skin Care

It's understandable the parents worry for their newborn's, there are a variety of ailments that effect babies, these ailments can range from SIDS to over exposure to sunlight. One common misconception revolving around babies is the use of natural baby products, most parents might not consider these over the counter products to be harmful to their little ones, the sad truth is they can. This does not mean that they are all bad, some products work well with newborn's skin, others do not. With the modern world be cautious of the food we eat or the water we drink, it was only a matter of time before sights were set on products involving potentially harsh chemicals. Products using Parabens are a good place to start, the chemical preservative has caused several ailments in adults and children alike. The chemical was first introduced in the 1950's, used as a preservative to extend shelf life . They were manufactured under the pretense they would prevent the growth of bacteria and mold within them. Some well known products that use parabens that should be avoided are skin care creams and lotions that go by the name methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.

The preservative Paraben helps product's to survive without expiring for months or even years. These products when used, allow bacteria to enter the skin and remain in the tissue of the one applying. Parabens are not known to cause any form of Cancer but do potentially cause hormone disruptions by mimicking Oestrogen. This trigger that causes Oestrogen increase leads to a variety of health issues, by introducing to much Oestrogen to the human body, breast cell division will increase which can cause tumors. Even though Parabens are not thought to directly cause Cancer, the increase in tumors when using the product has been linked with breast cancer. Parabens are not only linked to human conditions, they have been found in marine life. This introduction to marine life is the result of human error, when using the products they tend to get washed off and make their way to the sewage system which in turn makes it's way to the ocean.

It's important to not that Parabens are not the only chemical cause for concern. Many baby skin care products on shelves have been approved for you, this does not mean they are necessarily safe. It's a system of trial and error but that doesn't mean we should submit to it. It is best to educate yourself on harmful chemicals that are commonly used, so you can deter from them. Any product linked to "fragrance" should be avoided, these products do not have to inform you of the chemicals used to create the fragrance, they are a wolf in sheep's clothing. Lotions and creams infused with fragrances often have synthetic chemicals added, as much as 90% of fragrance products use the ingredient petroleum. It is best to look for skin care products labeled "Fragrance-Free" to avoid potential Hazards. The ingredient Triclosan which is more commonly found in anti-bacterial soaps has been known to aid Cancer development. Another active ingredient in certain skin care products and even plastic toys are Phthalates, these ingredients have been shown in study's to form a link to reproductive issues. Australia has already placed a ban on certain products using the ingredient.

This does not mean to steer clear of skin care products completely, there are numerous amounts products that are safe to use on you and your little one. It is best to look for products that are labeled as "Natural ingredients". These natural ingredients also tend to go under chemical names, these names might be misleading but they are safe and they are a good alternative. Some safe products include Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Sterol Glutamate, Glucose Dioleate and Dehydroacetic Acid.

Decyl Glucoside is a natural surfacant, This product is made from coconut's and is biodegradable, it is gentle on skin and doesn't dry it out. Sodium Sterol Glutamate is a natural amino acid derived from plants, with a PH balance close to that of human skin. Glucose Dioleate is a safe ingredient used to reduce skin irritation and is non-toxic. Dehydroacetic Acid is a preservative to help the product keep shelf life without letting in harmful bacteria, this product is unlike Parabens because it is derived by plants and is natural.

When it comes to your child's natural baby products, common sense goes a long way. It's best to thoroughly check the ingredients in skin care products, doing so can potentially save your baby from unnecessary ailments. It is best to do your research and make a list of ingredients you do and don't want in your baby's system. Once you find a product your comfortable with, it's best to make a list so you don't forget and will know for future reference.

It is best to not subjugate your baby to treatments that you would not feel comfortable using on yourself. There are plenty of harmful products out there, but there are also plenty of good products. The choice is always yours, but wouldn't it feel better knowing your baby is safe and not at risk to some of life's most devastating occurrences, Cancer. It is wise never to look at a product and put faith in it based on face value, advertising and marketing doesn't always express the potential side effects their product could have. Just because something looks safe or doesn't appear to have any negative side effects, does not mean that it is safe. Everyone wants their baby to be safe and no one would intentionally harm them, mistakes do happen and most of us learn from them. This article is for an informative piece only, you do not have to practice these recommendations if you are uncomfortable with them. This is a piece to inform new parents about the potential causes for alarm in regards to skin care products for their baby. It is easy to make mistakes and learn from them, it is best to take action to prevent those mistakes from ever occurring though.

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